As Chief of Police I welcome you to the Meridian Police Department on-line. The Meridian Police Department is comprised of dedicated professional employees who are committed to working in partnership with our community.

The City of Meridian rests in the center of the Treasure Valley serving a population of over 91,000. Our department has 97 police officers and 26 civilian staff dedicated to making Meridian a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

We invite you to explore the following pages to learn more about the people who lead the Meridian Police Department. Questions or comments can be directed using the contact information page.

Lastly, we encourage you to visit our social networking site on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

The Meridian Police Department values its culture of service, excellence and fun. When you develop a culture of service inside your organization, this can’t help but carry over to how your organization interacts and serves the public.

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1401 E. Watertower St. Meridian, Idaho 83642

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Phone: 208-888-6678
Fax: Winter A Pullover n Approach A a Sweater New Boutique 208-846-7366
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